Lady GaGallery : Photos Of Lady Gaga

We created this fan site from the original website. Thanks to Anna Banunu, who spent many hours combing the web and her collection of vintage movie posters to find these images. Not only is Anna a dedicated fan, but she is also  partnered with Ralph Deluca, an esteemed appraiser of vintage movie posters. You should all know that Anna worked long hours to bring us this pictorial display of Lady Gaga performances, etc. During her research, Anna stumbled upon a fascinating tidbit: That transparent outfit (that Lady Gaga wore during the same set where she debuted her meat dress) is actually constructed from clear plastic trash bags ordered wholesale online! We know this because of one image Anna found showing the packing slip Gaga intentionally made part of the dress, and when she blew the image up the order reads, "clear plastic wholesale". Way to go Anna! Also thanks to Don Blue (not his real name) for the technical support required to get the site working. He taught himself database code for the past 2 years and was able to use that skill to great effect right here. So, fans of LG, enjoy!






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